Istron is a small coastal village, about 12 km to the City Agios Nikolaos in eastern Crete. To the capital Heraklion and its airport 70 km. The rugged environment of Istron offers several hidden bays. The Lassithi – Plain with its natural beauty is also worth to see. Agios Nikolaos ( only 15 minutes´drive from Istron) is a city with striking architecture with spaces for contemporary art. Agios Nikolaos city center is one of the best shopping destinations in eastern Crete, and when it comes to nightlife, Agios Nikolaos knows what it is doing. With a diverse culinary scene, an abundance of pubs and bars, and some of the Crete’s best music venues, Agios Nikolaos is the city for night owls.

Cultural highlights nearby Istron: Only 5 km east of Istron you will find the Minoan archaeological site “Gournia”. Gournia is a Minoan port city, the city is said to have been destroyed by a seaquake that triggered a tidal wave. The foundations of the houses can still be seen. We can also recommend a visit to the beautiful mountain village “Kritsa” and the church “Panagia Kera”. The most famous grotto of Crete “Diktäon Andron” at the foot of the Lassiti A visit to the Minoan archaeological site of Knossos and the archaeological museum Heraklions is a must for anyone interested in culture.

For bathing-experience tour we recommend a day trip to the palm beach VAI. It is a beautiful palm-fringed sandy beach. On the way you can visit the Toplou monastery from the 14th century BC. The monastery has an important collection of icons. The Toplou Monastery is 20 km east of Sitia towards Palekastro. The ancient city of Lato is also not far from Istron. Half an hour by rental car. Lato is 15 km west of Agios Nikolaos on a hill. It is worth it because of the panoramic view of the region around the city of Agios Nikolaos. Lato was a Doric settlement from the 7th century BC. You can see the remains of a city wall and also houses from various epochs.